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Located close to South Melbourne, The Soulutions Centre is a community focused wellness centre that values the integration of mind, body and spirit. Our team of psychotherapists and psychologists will collaborate with you to find your unique path toward improving your wellbeing and creating a meaningful life. Situated in Port Melbourne, next to the CBD and a range of inner-city suburbs, our clinic offers innovative and evidence-based practices and designs a tailored treatment plan to support you towards your wellness goals.

How Can Our Psychologist and Psychotherapist Assist You?

Our Practice

Is a community focused wellness centre that offers person-centred and evidence-based treatment solutions to set you on your unique path of stepping into a life of meaning and wellbeing. Our team of exceptional practitioners are passionate about collaborating with you to help you achieve your wellbeing goals.

Our Approach

There is no one right path to improving your wellbeing and we are interested in finding the path that resonates with you. We pride ourselves on achieving this journey via high standards of care, ethical practice and innovative technology so you can live with more balance, consciousness and mindfulness.

Meet our Experts

At The Soulutions Centre you will be treated with warmth, empathy, and understanding by our team of highly-experienced psychologists. You will receive the highest-quality psychological treatment using the most effective and up-to-date psychotherapy treatment methodologies. Our psychotherapists and psychologists are here for you, and what works for your needs.

In South Melbourne? Make an Appointment with At Our Clinic Today

The Soulutions Centre is pleased to provide a safe and comfortable space for people to receive personalised and in-depth help from passionate clinical psychologists and psychotherapists. If you are looking for a centre that will cater to your needs, make an appointment today.

Due to current circumstances, we are also conducting online telehealth sessions in addition to in-person sessions in our office near South Melbourne. To learn more, please contact us on 0492 485 823 or send an email to

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